How Much Is Delivery?

SDN offers one-touch placement, destage, and will-call. Delivery includes two professional movers and one truck. Delivery & Destage fees on rental orders above $1,000 before taxes and fees are FREE! (Some exclusions apply). For orders valued at $500 or less, one-way rates start at $119. For orders valued between $500-$1,000, one-way rates start at $169.Continue reading “How Much Is Delivery?”

How to See What Credit Card is Assigned to Which Order?

For any open or renting order, you can quickly see what credit card is assigned to your order by following these steps: Go to Account Scroll Down to “Payment Options”(Here you will see a table of your current credit cards on file) You will see a linkable number under the “Current Orders” column When you clickContinue reading “How to See What Credit Card is Assigned to Which Order?”

How to Change a Credit Card on a Rental Order?

After an order is placed you can change the credit card related to that order by following these steps. Go to Account Click the Orders tab Select the order that you wish to change the credit card on Under the “Payment Info” section, select the “Change Card” button Here you can either add a new card or selectContinue reading “How to Change a Credit Card on a Rental Order?”

Is there a Daily Rental Option?

There is a minimum 30-day rental for every item, even if you only need it for a day or event. This helps cover administrative and warehouse expenses and depreciation as it moves through the rental journey from online, to your property, and back. After the 30-day rental minimum has been met you can rent byContinue reading “Is there a Daily Rental Option?”

How Do I Start a Rental Order?

Log-in/Sign Up and then go to the “SHOP” button at the top of the page. Choose your rental location: Kirkland, Everett, or Phoenix. You’ll see products, prices, and measurements that are important to note when considering your property’s hallways, doorways, and stairways. If you do not see everything you want, try searching or using theContinue reading “How Do I Start a Rental Order?”