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Styling Surfaces

Styling Surfaces add warmth and set the style of your listing. Think coffee tables! They have a prominent place and function in a living room making, them a focal point in the room.  Here are some easy tips to make your coffee table styling artistic, balanced, and a color story or style composition. Consider yourContinue reading “Styling Surfaces”

Tips for Networking and Growing Your Business

At Staging and Design Network, our mission is to partner with members to SHARE resources, GROW their business, and INSPIRE design. Networking is huge in growing your business in just about every industry. Nowadays, there are many ways to network, improve your business, and gain new clients. Here are helpful tips on getting your nameContinue reading “Tips for Networking and Growing Your Business”

Hot Summer Staging

With record-breaking temperatures during our busiest selling season, it is essential to stay cool while staging and make homes comfortable for homebuyers. We have complied ways for you and your listings to get through these hot months. Stay hydrated. Keep lots of bottled and sparkling water in the fridge for yourself and offer them to homebuyersContinue reading “Hot Summer Staging”

An Outline for Owner-Occupied Staging

Some stagers prefer the blank canvas of a vacated home, while others enjoy everything that entails working in an owner-occupied home. The ability to provide a full range of services in your industry is always great for business and can lead to more work through agents. Owner-occupied homes offer different challenges, and our members haveContinue reading “An Outline for Owner-Occupied Staging”

How to Make Any Space Feel Like a Home

The goal of staging is to create an inviting, universally appealing look so many homebuyers will want to call it home. Everyone has a longing desire to live in spaces that offer a feeling of refuge, especially in our current climate. Home is comforting smells, lighting, textures, and sounds combined that make you want to stay awhile.Continue reading “How to Make Any Space Feel Like a Home”

Curbside Appeal

Curbside appeal is essential in warmer weather as the homebuyer will want to imagine themselves relaxing outside with colorful flowers and lush foliage, yet not all budgets can afford a landscaper. With outdoor areas being an essential part of the home, here are some easy ways to increase your curbside appeal, so homebuyers will wantContinue reading “Curbside Appeal”

Choosing Art and Décor for Your Stage

One of the most challenging aspects of staging is pulling together a cohesive look with artwork and décor. Even with great foundational pieces, like sofas and chairs, a room feels tied together through the similar color palette in décor throughout the home. Many stagers get a sense of what colors will work throughout the home duringContinue reading “Choosing Art and Décor for Your Stage”

How to Handle Criticism in The Design Industry

We know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and no matter how much experience you have, not everyone is going to agree with your expertise. Design can be a vulnerable industry with how subjective it is. Despite the negative connotation, criticism often presents an excellent opportunity to grow as a designer. Once youContinue reading “How to Handle Criticism in The Design Industry”

Stage It or List It!

Love It or List It! What a great show on HGTV! I love when people actually choose to keep their homes! I think there should be a new REALITY show called “Stage It or List It” all about the impacts of staging.

Home Staging: A Look to The Future

I often receive calls from Stagers asking if we plan to franchise the Staging & Design Network business model,; I thought I would share an update of our plans within the staging community, along with some general thoughts about where the industry is headed.

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