The Power of a Throw Pillow in Any Stage

The Power of a Throw Pillow in Any Stage

By: Lauren Luna

Incorporating throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to add impact to any stage and help tie a room together. With different textures, sizes, patterns, and colors, these staple items are easy and versatile that your buyers will love!


It’s important to echo colors from around the room, such as rugs, curtains, accent chairs, or the home’s natural elements. Starting with an anchor color, pull shades from other pieces to create a sense of cohesion in a room while not outshining all other components. Layering complementary colors helps establish a feeling of warmth, comfort, and transition to other rooms.


Patterns are another great way to incorporate impact. You can bring in small patterns, large patterns, or even mix. The great thing about patterns is that the options are endless. Just keep in mind that they should complement each other, not overshadow.


Textures can play a crucial role. Wherever you throw these pillows (pun intended), it can take an empty, flat room to a whole new level. Shapes, colors, or prints are great, but incorporating textures adds a whole new depth of luxury in any space.


Size is also important, and the options are endless. Whether you choose round, square, rectangular, small, oversized, or standard. The design is up to you and how well it fits a space. If you are working with a large room, start with oversized pillows to help showcase just how big that room can be. Layer with smaller pillows of different sizes.


Types of pillows are endless. Knife-edge, box edge, bolster, or flange. Keeping on top of design trends while still incorporating the classics will ensure you are showcasing the house successfully.  Some popular trends include Transitional Décor, offering a more cozy, chic design. Grandmillenial, a twist to the classics you thought were left at your grandma’s house. Scandifornian Style, a successful mix of Scandanavian and Californian, offering a relaxed, earthy style. And Cottage core, a woody, warm and cozy design.


Now that the basics are covered, it’s all about how you arrange them. This can be daunting, but the results offer an effortless design that is sure to upgrade any house to a home. Start with an odd number of pillows and keep in mind symmetry for an informal, comfortable look. For more elegant, stick with even numbers and keep the size as similar as possible. Make sure to arrange by shape and size, more oversized pillows in the back, smaller in the front. Consider style. If you find you don’t like incorporating too many textures or patterns, then pull back to the style you like best and pair additional pillows to enhance the texture or patterns more effectively. 

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