How to Improve Your Business in the New Year

By Jillian Dinnie, Design & Merchandising

One of the most significant aspects of our industry is the strength of our community.  Realtors and stagers love to network, share ideas, and help each other grow their businesses.  If your goal in 2022 is find new clients and improve your business, use these tips to get you started.  

Social Media Presence: Improving your social media presence is a sure fast way to connect with others in your industry and find new clients. Sign up for an online class to get tips on how your social media page can attract new followers and potential clients. Find out the best time to post, the most popular hashtags to use in your industry, how to have a cohesive and attractive page, and how often to engage. Stagers and realtors love when you share your design tips!  

Join Facebook Groups in Your Industry:  There are many groups on Facebook, specifically for stagers, designers, and realtors. Learn more about the challenges and successes of members in our industry. Post about a design dilemma you are facing and quickly receive advice from many in the field. It is an incredible resource that will connect you with members of our industry worldwide.  

Host a Zoom Call with Other Members:  Members in the staging and design industry love to help and connect. Creating a Zoom call to learn about different ways to advertise, charge for services, or style a bookshelf is a great way to connect and improve your business practices.  

Stay on Top of Design Trends:  Making sure the colors, textiles, patterns, décor, metals, furnishings, and the artwork you use are still on-trend is a considerable facet to being a designer and realtor and can be a part-time job on its own. Finding great designers to follow on social media, reading Interior Design Magazines, looking to see what hits the runway, and walking through big name furniture stores should be part of your routine. You will notice many big-name furniture stores follow the same trends, and the colors and patterns they use are also on high fashion runways. Also, take note of how everyone is styling sofas to coffee tables. It is easy to get stuck in a styling rut, doing the same thing repeatedly; trying new techniques will also make your staging look different every time.  

Create a Newsletter to Send Your Clients:  Showcase your latest work, listings, and what you have been up to in a newsletter. A newsletter will keep engagement with all your clients and those you may not have heard from in a while and help be their go-to when they need your services.

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