Impactful Grays

Impactful Grays

By Jillian Dinnie, Merchandising and Design

Gray has been a top neutral color in the interior design world for quite some time, and some may wonder how it has exceeded in popularity over our trusted beiges, tans, and whites.  It is by far the most popular sofa color, and everything from upholstery fabrics to paint, rugs, furniture, and accessories are in shades of gray. While other neutrals are beautiful choices for a home; gray gives designers’ options that are harder to achieve with other neutrals.

What makes gray so incredible to work with is it goes well with almost every other color and can make them pop.  Gray can make a room feel very serene and relaxing or crisp and modern depending on the undertones.  

The trick to a great color palette is considering undertones. Every gray has an undertone to create the hue.  In darker rooms, grays take on a warmer tone, and in natural lighting, the undertones will have a significant impact. A warm gray nicknamed greige is a popular hybrid of gray and beige and is very suitable for most homes. Warm grays or greige go well with taupe, yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks.  Cool grays have blue, green, or purple undertones and look great with greens, blues, and cool whites.

When choosing a shade of gray for your listing, consider other grays that may be in the home already, like in the carpeting, countertops, or fireplace exterior.  It will help to know whether the home has primarily warm or cool grays so you can add other colors in accordingly. In areas with lots of wood elements, such as kitchens, be careful choosing a cool gray with green undertones as the green will be very prominent with wood.

Agreeable Gray SW 7029, Sherwin Williams.  Agreeable Gray is Sherwin- William’s most popular color and is often out of stock.  It has warmer undertones and is the perfect hue for any living space that needs a neutral backdrop.

Classic Gray OC-23, Benjamin Moore.  Some believe Benjamin Moore has created the perfect neutral with this classic gray that is many designers go to.  It is a greige that pairs beautifully with warmer colors.

Repose Gray SW 7015, Sherwin-Williams.  Repose Gray is a cool gray with green and purple undertones.  It is a beautiful color for living rooms or bedrooms that fill with natural light.  Looks excellent with bold greens and blues for a dramatic effect.

Englewood Cliffs 1607, Benjamin Moore.  This rich paint color adds a lot of depth and dimension with its cool undertones. This color is perfect for creating a cozy living room and pairing it with jewel toned velvets and brass details.

 Some of favorite go-to gray furnishings.

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