SDN Crew Spotlight

Jay, Senior Logistics Manager

We were able to sit down with Jay and learn about his extensive logistics background and incredible life at home and as a Marine. Please help us welcome Jay to the SDN team!

Where did you grow up? I am originally from Washoe County in Nevada, where I was adopted by my mother, who ran the foster home. She married my father, who also had children, and between her three kids and my father’s, we were like the Brady bunch and moved to Auburn, WA, when I was seven.

What is your background? I began learning logistics in the Military.  I joined right after high school and joined the Marines in 2007.  I had two enriching experiences with back-to-back combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

After my deployment in Afghanistan, another Marine hired me as a firefighter in Methow Valley and Cle Elum.  You can say I enjoy bringing order to chaos.

What brought you to Staging and Design Network?  Before coming on board, I had a great job with Flexe that delivers technology-powered, omnichannel logistics programs. I helped build a web-based warehouse management service, and I learned a lot about logistics and technology and helped it become an international company.  I traveled most of the year, all over the world.  Eventually, the travel left me feeling a little burnt out; I missed being with my family and having more time for myself. So I took a year off, did some consulting, got a puppy, and got into aquaculture. 

After some time off, I found a great opportunity with SDN.

What do you like about working with the SDN team? The leadership is the most solid I have seen.  I understand and agree with their mission to pay people well, help them grow, and do something good for the world. 

I am super passionate about my team, helping develop them, getting them certifications, and showing them there is much opportunity to become supply chain professionals.  This company does not see the Fulfillment Crew as people that push around furniture;  we know their importance and see the growing opportunity for their career.

I also enjoy my role because it is everything from logistics, managing every aspect of fulfillment process, customer experience, staffing, developing employees, customer service. There is always something to improve on, and I value it highly.

What do you like to do with your free time?  I spend a lot of time with my family and dogs. I volunteer with Veteran’s Affairs.  I have a heart for anyone that has served in the military and needs help getting back on their path in life.

I have recently gotten into aquaculture and growing freshwater plants in my aquariums to make my homemade hot sauce. I also do a lot of reading, backpacking, and traveling.  I love being outdoors.

What is on your bucket list? I would love to go back to Afghanistan, this time for a peaceful stance.  I served with their army against the Taliban, and the people there captured my heart.  It is such a rugged and beautiful country; the people go through so much in their lives. I would love to help them rebuild.  Kabul used to be a center of technology, women’s rights, free-thinking, and progressiveness.  I would love to see it going back to that and help in some way.  It would be a closing piece for a country that has enriched my life.

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