Tips For Winter Staging

By Jillian Dinnie, Design & Merchandising

As the days get shorter and the sparse leaves hang on the trees, we know the winter months are upon us.  These winter staging tips will make your listing extra cozy and turn your listing into a home.

Extra Lighting. The days are drawing in earlier, and that means less natural light is coming into your listings. Plan for homes being viewed when it is dark outside and incorporate extra lighting into your design. Make notes of outlets and overhead lighting when doing your walk-through so you can plan for your lighting options. Use incandescent and halogen bulbs that reflect yellow and golden tones to give the home a warmer feel.

Mirrors. Mirrors not only make a room feel bigger, but they also reflect light, making the space brighter. Lighter and brighter space will be very helpful when showing your listings in the evenings. 

Lots of throws and blankets.  We all know that person with so many pillows, you do not know where to sit, but a slight excess does not need to be overboard.  Use chunky throws on sofas, chairs, and at the end of beds. Sets of pillows in threes and fours at the corners of sofas make rooms very cozy.

Make the beds luxurious.  Nothing can be more inviting than a fluffy bed with extra pillows and linens—layer lots of different textures in neutral colors. Use coverlets, quilts, and duvets while throwing in a second duvet insert to make the bed cozy and luxurious. 

Diffusers. Some older homes can have a muskier smell in the fall and winter. Use diffusers in not overly floral scents and turn on the heat for homebuyers. Use dried botanicals like lavender and eucalyptus that have a light, natural fragrance.

Greenery. Incorporating houseplants into interior design has been on the rise for quite some time now. Adding faux houseplants to your staging is especially helpful in the cooler months. They bring life to a home and are proven to create a calming effect. 

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