Fall Front Porch Blooms


Fall Front Porch Blooms

Author: Jillian Dinnie, Design and Merchandising

As the air turns crisp, it is time to say goodbye to the heat-loving plants of the summer while still creating inviting porches for our listings. 

We have collected a few of our favorite fall foliage and blooms that make dramatic containers. 

Cosmos.  Cosmos bloom throughout fall and bear flowers that resemble daisies in various colors like pink, brown, yellow, orange, and deep red.

Marigold.  Marigolds burst with bright gold in fall and can add a lot of drama to your container.  These cheerful flowers continue to bloom well into the chilly days of fall.

Zinnia.  These beautiful flowers produce bright pops in coral, pink, yellow and add a beautiful texture to your pots.

Ornamental cabbage and kale.  Adding ornamental cabbage and kale gives your pots an incredible texture and a unique color.

Begonia.  Begonias are showstoppers with their variety of spectacular foliage and flowers that bloom throughout fall.  There are many varieties with different shades of foliage and flowers to pair beautifully with other flowers.

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