Increasing Your Listing’s Value

Author: Jillian Dinnie, Design and Merchandising

How to Increase Your Listing’s Value

Staging raises the dollar value of homes and decreases the amount of time spent on the market, but sometimes that is not all it needs.  We have shared quick and inexpensive ways to turn your listed houses into high-value homes.

Paint a bathroom blue.  Painting with a calming light blue can give you a significant return on your investment. Light blue bathrooms have shown homebuyers are willing to pay 1.6% more than expected. Bathrooms are great in eggshell to semi-gloss, and we like Sherwin Williams Rain 6219 and Watery 6478.

Neutral Living Colors. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to bring freshness and new life to a home.  Painting living room walls in neutral colors help the homebuyer envision living there.  Use flat or eggshell for walls and consider light exposure when choosing warm or cool undertones.  We love Benjamin Moore Simply White as it can appear warm or cool, depending on how you pair it.

Statement Lighting in Kitchens.  Globe and sphere-shaped lighting that can be modern and retro have been popular choices that elevate kitchens of all sizes.  Brighten the kitchen with unobstructed glass pendants and double up over kitchen islands.

Visually increase the home’s square footage. When it comes to homes, size matters and dramatically affects the value.  Make each room feel larger by replacing heavy draperies with sheer linen curtains that let light in, adding mirrors to each room, and using brightly colored rugs and carpets.

Create a dedicated office space.  Home stagers and real estate professionals emphasize the need for a home office as more people are working from them.  Designate a bright guest room into a home office.  The most popular design style in home offices is modern and industrial modern.

Add touches of gold.  Adding gold accents throughout the home creates intrigue and richness and is an excellent accent to white or neutral walls.

Make an inviting entrance.  If landscaping is not in your budget, then make the front door the focal point.  There is something timeless and classic about having a front door flanked with beautiful planters.  Plant seasonal foliage and flowers that can withstand the lighting and temperature. 

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