Styling Surfaces

Author: Jillian Dinnie, Design and Merchandising

Styling Surfaces add warmth and set the style of your listing.

Think coffee tables! They have a prominent place and function in a living room making, them a focal point in the room.  Here are some easy tips to make your coffee table styling artistic, balanced, and a color story or style composition.

Consider your proportions.  Items should be large enough to make a statement on the table but should not overwhelm or get in the way of the function.  Think of creative ways to use pieces of different heights to create focal interest, like a vase with tall botanicals next to a stack of books and a glass paperweight.

Create a vignette.  Think of it as a coffee table display that ties items and the room together.  Items can connect through similar colors, styles, shapes, textures, or themes in the room.  For example, try using rectangular shapes like large coffee table books with round vases and objects.

Use trays.  Trays are excellent for coffee table styling and create an elegant way to display your objects.  You can find trays in so many fun colors and patterns to tie into the living room.

Style top to bottom. If you have a multiple-tiered coffee table, don’t leave all the décor for the top shelf! Instead, add trays, baskets, a stack of books, and simple objects to the lower shelf and work to balance it.

Consider every angle.  Coffee tables are generally placed in the focal area of the room, and make sure your coffee table display looks lovely from all angles.  Using glass cloches, coffee table books, greenery, and brass objects will do the trick.

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