Bar Stools…Yes Please!

Some tips and tricks for finding the perfect bar stool for your design and space can be difficult. Here are some of our favorite things to keep in mind.

Bar Height Vs. Counter Height? Keep in mind the best way to measure is from floor to bottom of the counter. Bar height should range from 28”-32” with space to fit under a 40”-42” counter. Counter height ranges from 24”-27” with space to fit under a 36” counter.

If you have extra tall counters, we opt for adjustable stools to accommodate a smoother look and feel to the home.

How many?! This can be a tricky one. For visual appeal, our general rule is to allow 6” between stools, 8” for larger stools. Spaced out evenly will draw their eye to the design and opportunity in the space.

What kind? This is all about the design and aesthetic of the room and how you want to showcase those impactful elements. There are TONS to choose from: armless, traditional, modern, upholstered, leather, wood, metal, and so many more! The world is your oyster!

It’s best to keep in mind the space you have and the elements within that space. If you have a smaller space, going with a backless may help the potential owners visualize the opportunity. More industrial? Go with leather to mix up the textures and give a sense of warmth while still allowing impact to the home.

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