We Love a Good First Impression!

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Entry decor can be so important when creating a first impression.
Here are some tips we find helpful to make some impact in any entryway:
1. Define the space- Is the home open concept? Is there little space to work with? Figuring out what types of furniture you can use will help in the long run.
2. Consider your layout and make it functional- We all like pretty things, but making it functional allows the home buyers to imagine they’re already home. Decide if a table or bench make the most sense then start adding bins for storage or hooks for jackets.
3. Keep it simple and stylish- No need to clutter. Some simple throw pillows on a bench or a stylish bowl on a table may be all you need.
4. Add a plant- We all love a good pop of green! By adding contrast, such as a plant, you are not only mixing up textures (which we love!), but softening the ambiance and feeling in the area.
5. Add a mirror- We love a good mirror in any design! The best part about mirrors is that they can make any space feel lighter and larger.

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