Hot Summer Staging

McGee & Co

Author: Jillian Dinnie, Design and Merchandising

With record-breaking temperatures during our busiest selling season, it is essential to stay cool while staging and make homes comfortable for homebuyers. We have complied ways for you and your listings to get through these hot months.

Stay hydrated. Keep lots of bottled and sparkling water in the fridge for yourself and offer them to homebuyers during their walkthrough. Having a cold refreshment in your hand while walking through a home on a hot day will instantly make you feel cooler. Place a tall beverage stand at the front door with ice and refreshments for open houses.

Consider lighting. Halogen lightbulbs use about 90% of their energy, giving off heat, and in already high temperatures, they can add to the warmth in a room. On the other hand, an LED light emits 10% of their energy in heat, making them a much cooler option. If you prefer the warm glow of a halogen bulb, consider only using them in calming rooms, like bedrooms and seating areas, or consider LED options such as Warm White.

Keep curtains and windows closed.  Until your listing is ready for photos and walkthroughs, keep all blinds and curtains closed during the day. Keeping them closed will prevent direct sunlight from heating the home. Bring extra blankets to hang on curtain rods while you are working if the curtains are sheer.

Create a cross-breeze through the house. If you must open windows, do it strategically, so you get a flow of air moving through the house. Opening windows at opposite sides of the house and keeping doors open so air can move freely gives you and homebuyers a nice breeze.

Bring a fan with you on stages.  An easy-to-transport, lightweight fan can be a game-changer while moving furniture in a hot home.

Use furnishings in natural fibers.  Synthetic materials do not absorb as much moisture as natural ones, and working with them will make you sweaty. So instead, choose throws and pillows made of cotton and linen, providing a breezy summer look too.

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