How to Make Any Space Feel Like a Home

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Author: Jillian Dinnie, Design and Merchandising

The goal of staging is to create an inviting, universally appealing look so many homebuyers will want to call it home. Everyone has a longing desire to live in spaces that offer a feeling of refuge, especially in our current climate. Home is comforting smells, lighting, textures, and sounds combined that make you want to stay awhile. We have compiled a manageable list of ways to make any space feel like home. 

Make the beds luxurious.  Nothing can be more inviting than a fluffy bed with extra pillows and linens—layer lots of different textures in neutral colors. Use coverlets, quilts, and duvets while throwing in a second duvet insert to make the bed cozy and luxurious.  

Use lots of books to style and create reading nooks.  Popular novels around the home and coffee table books make the homebuyer feel like this is an excellent setting for relaxing with a good book. 

Decorate for the season. Seasonally appropriate details such as tulips for spring and apples for fall give buyers the chance to look forward to holidays and seasonal experiences in the home. 

Soften Your Angles. A lot of homes have rectangular rooms with rectangular windows and panes. A narrow space can be softened with circular coffee tables, round mirrors, and furnishings in rounded, soft shapes. Adding softer angles and textures can create balance and add warmth to a home. 

Update the small stuff.  If it is within your budget, updating smaller accents such as lighting fixtures and draperies can have a considerable impact. Removing heavy draperies makes a room seem bigger, brighter, and airier. Modern lighting can make the entire home appear more updated. 

Add greenery. Natural elements create a relaxing atmosphere and can make prospective buyers feel calm and rejuvenated.   

Use diffusers in clean fragrances.  Since we cannot use lit candles in a staged home, diffusers are excellent for bringing clean scents into the house. Diffusers can also double as a botanical vase by popping in some twigs or eucalyptus. 

Neutralize different wood tones.  Mixing wood tones can be a challenge to do successfully, and often a stager needs to calm an overabundance of mix-matched wood in many homes. Painting walls or cabinets in a light color softens and brightens a room with many wood tones. Using large area rugs helps neutralize the house and creates a calming effect. 

Work with the floor plan.  A complex floor plan or awkward-shaped room can be a massive challenge for an experienced stager. The key to working with any floorplan is to use furniture that is appropriately scaled to the room. Use rugs to help designate where the space begins and ends so the homebuyer is not confused.  

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