Curbside Appeal

Author: Jillian Dinnie, Design and Merchandising

Curbside appeal is essential in warmer weather as the homebuyer will want to imagine themselves relaxing outside with colorful flowers and lush foliage, yet not all budgets can afford a landscaper. With outdoor areas being an essential part of the home, here are some easy ways to increase your curbside appeal, so homebuyers will want to come inside. 

Use fresh mulch. Fresh mulch can make areas that have a lot of debris and weeds look clean and fresh. It is more cost-effective than purchasing bark and less time-consuming than hours of weeding and returns essential nutrients back into the soil!

Remove all lawn maintenance items. Ensure all the lawn maintenance items are put away neatly, like hoses, mowers are removed, and any extra or unused garden pots are stored. 

Remove colorful yard ornaments for a cleaner look. An adorable garden gnome or a hot pink flamingo adds charm to many gardens, but unfortunately, they do not have a universal appeal that stagers are striving to achieve. Let the natural beauty speak for itself and keep ornaments to a minimum.  

Make the front door the focal point. The front door is the focal point of your curbside appeal as the potential homebuyer will be looking at it on the walk-up. Make sure it is clear of all debris, nothing is sun-bleached, and everything is purposeful. 

Purchase a new doormat. Most people look down at their feet when walking through the front door. Having a brand-new coir or rubber doormat is part of the first impression. Find a simple, welcoming mat that invites them into their potential new home. 

Add planters to highlight the entrance. There is something classic and timeless about having a front door flanked with beautiful planters. If black planters feel too intense of color, try using neutral colors like grey, beige, concrete, or wood planters. If you have a brightly colored front door, try using a complementary color that makes the door pop, such as blue pots if you have a yellow door. Remember you can always bring in another color with the plants you choose too. 

Plant seasonal flowers and foliage. Plant something seasonal that can withstand the lighting and temperature. Pansies, violas, and cinerarias are ideal choices for withstanding the occasional cooler temperatures of spring and can easily last until early summer. Coral Bells and Heuchera are perennial plants that grow well in the shade, cool tolerant, and well-suited for spring temperatures. They come in an array of leaf colors and shapes and are a beautiful filler in your planter box. Finding foliage with an excellent variety of colors and textures will create a stunning focal piece for your curbside appeal.

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