Choosing Art and Décor for Your Stage

Author: Jillian Dinnie, Design and Merchandising

One of the most challenging aspects of staging is pulling together a cohesive look with artwork and décor.

Even with great foundational pieces, like sofas and chairs, a room feels tied together through the similar color palette in décor throughout the home. Many stagers get a sense of what colors will work throughout the home during their walkthrough. Then begins the task of pulling it all together with the right amount of accent colors. No matter how bright or bold the chosen accent color is, it can be a subtle pop that ties every room together. If you are struggling to find suitable artwork and décor, consider these tips to help you narrow it down. 

Color is important, but not everything.  
Color is the number one thing people get caught up in when trying to choose the right piece of art, but it is not the only method. Something black and white in a colorful room can also complement the space, and fabric art in complementary colors can too. Look for artwork that attracts you, and do not worry too much about perfectly matching colors to everything. 

Choose impactful art. 
When it comes to choosing art, bigger is usually better. Choosing art that is too small is a common mistake as well as hanging it improperly.  For example, a common rule for artwork size above a sofa should be approximately 2/3 the sofa’s width or larger. The artwork should hang 6-8 inches above the sofa as a common rule too. If you create a gallery wall with a cluster of several small pieces that work together in one display, it is good to follow the same guidelines. Choosing the right size and properly hanging art makes it much more impactful. 

Mix old and new artwork. 
The contrast makes a room more impactful, and art can be a big player in creating a bold statement. Consider using different styles of artwork and from different eras to make striking focal points. When you mix sizes, styles and play with colors, you will find they can still complement each other in unexpected ways.  

How to use your color pop of color throughout the home. 

Many stagers and designers use the 60-30-10 rule to give balance to the colors used in any space. When it comes to the pop of color you would like to use throughout the house, it is easy to remember it can be as small as 10 percent. The 60 percent is the home’s primary color, like paint color used on the walls. It is typically a neutral color like white, grey, or beige that serves as the backdrop.

The 30 percent color is the secondary color. This color supports the primary color, can be used as the color in textiles like drapery, rugs, bed linens, and even an accent wall. This secondary should be subtle and also appeal to the masses. 

Your accent color is ten percent. Accent colors can be found incorporated in a throw on a bed, pillow for the sofa, or flowers in a bathroom. It can be something different for each room. Following a balancing scale or going with your gut is more about being aware of the visual weight of the accent color you chose.

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