Choosing The Right Sofa

Author: Jillian Dinnie, Design and Merchandising

A sofa is a foundational piece, imperative for a designer to get right! It is typically the largest and most grounding piece in the room. Once you have decided on the right one, designing the rest of the room becomes much easier. Although there are standard-sizing rules for many things which include rugs, dining tables, art, and more, here are some helpful tips for standard-sizing with sofas. The width, depth, and height all play an important role in the design, as well as function. An apartment sofa is typically 72”-76” anything smaller than this may make the room feel too small. To give you a comparison, a standard-sized sofa runs approximately 96” wide, 36 inches high, and roughly 38 inches deep. When deciding where to place your sofa, remember you will need a minimum of 30-36 inches of walkway space to avoid feeling cramped. Similarly, other seating should be about 36 inches apart from the sofa. When selecting a coffee table, look for one that is as high as the sofa seat, and at least 18 inches away from it. Once you have the appropriate sizing for your space, then you can get creative shopping from all the beautiful styles of sofas from modern to traditional that will compliment any home.

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