Let’s Talk About Lighting!

Author: Lauren Luna

We’re pretty excited about how many choices we have, but how can they be incorporated into those rooms successfully?

Some easy interior lighting tips:

Textures! Lighting allows us to change a room completely. Add textures to warm a room or a pop of color to help balance the design.

Make a statement. Don’t be afraid to make a statement and use contrast within your rooms. Playing with proportion can add sophistication and whimsy.

Triangles! Think about triangle patterns to elevate a room. Place lights behind couches on console tables, next to a chair for reading, and in corners that are darker than you’d like.

Current lighting. Utilize natural light. If the room is too dark, place a lamp close to a mirror to help amplify as much light as possible throughout the room.

Keep it clean. We know that we don’t always have control over recessed lighting; adding key lighting pieces with purpose will help brighten the room. Keep in mind our triangle tip.

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